CronBlocks – Content Control Within Your Reach

Scheduling and Geo-location Made Simple

CronBlocks is a system which allows you to add dynamic content to your pages. With it you can schedule what time the content is shown, such as HTML, plain text, images, advertisements, events, courses, or any time sensitive material.

With CronBlocks, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to remove your texts and images from a website, nor do you run the risk of leaving behind stale information like we see in so many websites. And by using Geo-location options, you can set which content you want displayed according to your visitors’ physical location.

You can have your own dynamic content without having to learn programming languages such as PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, etc.  We do that for you in the background with CronBlocks with a simple-to-use interface, 100% efficient.

Add a new level to your advertisement space with CronBlocks – it allows you to specify for how many hours/days/months an ad is aired, and makes any necessary replacements.

CronBlocks enables you to add any piece of information at any given time (using either our servers’ timezone or those of your visitors), so you can target your audience better.

And we’re always improving it! Take a look at our blog to see what new additions will be coming out soon.

Try out CronBlocks

Ready to see CronBlocks in action? Check out the Demo site or sign up for a free plan and start creating your blocks. If you need more resources than then ones offered in our free plan, have a look at our upgrade options for only a few cents per day (charged monthly or yearly).

Once you’ve created your content, all you need to do is copy and paste a snippet of JavaScript on your website and enjoy a new dimension of content control.

Thank you for your visit and participation.