•  Your e-commerce site has weekly or monthly sales, and you spend too much time controlling when to take an ad down. With CronBlocks, you can set the length of time your ad will be online. At the end of the period, it will be taken down automatically and replaced with another piece of content you previously scheduled.
  • Your school holds different courses starting in different months of the year. Just program how long the course ad will be visible and it’ll go away when the period ends.
  • Your company offers services in a certain area. With the ability of identifying the country or city of origin of your visitor, it is possible to show an ad of your services, or divulge partners if the visitor is out of your coverage area.
  • You work with affiliate links (e.g. Amazon.com) in different countries, and want to show the correct links depending on your visitor’s geo-location. Use CronBlocks to create country-specific blocks containing links to your preferred affiliate programs.

These are just a few examples of how to use Cronblocks in your website.

CronBlocks comes in handy for promotions of the type “last days to register!”, or “grab our last units quick!”, as well as to promote trips, lectures, meetings… any information that has a limited time span online.

This way you will be able to make better use of your time and will have a website always up-to-date, generating more income for you and satisfaction to your readers/clients.

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