DDS.Net C++ Connector

Data Distribution

DDS.Net C++ Connector is a lightweight and performant connector for connecting distributed applications developed in C++ through DDS.Net Server. The project is initiated as an Open-Source endeavor at [GitHub]( The supported data types are:

***Primitive types:***

Including **String** (a sequence of characters in Unicode), **Boolean** (True or False), **Byte** (1-byte Signed Integer), **Word** (2-byte Signed Integer), **DWord** (4-byte Signed Integer), **QWord** (8-byte Signed Integer), **Unsigned Byte** (1-byte Unsigned Integer), **Unsigned Word** (2-byte Unsigned Integer), **Unsigned DWord** (4-byte Unsigned Integer), **Unsigned QWord** (8-byte Unsigned Integer), **Single** (A single precision or 4-byte Floating-point number) and **Double** (A double precision or 8-byte Floating-point number).

In addition to the "Primitive types," ***Raw Bytes*** are also supported to share any sequence of bytes.

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